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Autonomous leadership in the remote workplace.


I've previously had managers who didn't believe in working from home. They held the (slightly cynical, but previously not uncommon) view that being at home meant people would be lazy and unmotivated.

I found the article below on autonomous leadership interesting, with a study in Melbourne finding that employees who were given more control over areas such as schedule, workflow, and input on strategy were more motivated, engaged, loyal, and mentally well.

During the pandemic there has been a real change in perception towards flexible working, and how it can be adopted going forwards. In part that has been down to technology enabling a smooth transition from the office, to setting up from home. But leadership has also played a key part.

If employees are inspired by the leadership and the business they work for, then trust to work from any location is almost a given as they want to give their best, contribute successful outcomes, and are generally more loyal.

For those businesses allowing a more flexible working arrangement post C19, it will be present a new challenge for leaders; to adapt their style to ensure they lead and inspire a dispersed team, with some team members people they may never meet in person.

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