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Is tech making us less human or superhuman?


Are you using tech or is tech using you? Some believe that technology makes us less human, while others swear by it as the ultimate way to become superhuman. The truth is likely somewhere in between and depends a lot on how you use the available resources.


Just like the way we are learning to adapt during the pandemic, we need to adapt to the technology that is expanding around us. The one thing we can all agree on is that technology has changed our lives immensely over the past couple of decades. Most of us would probably agree it will continue to do so at an ever-increasing pace.


Technology is amoral for the most part; In itself, it’s neither good nor bad. Having said that, it does provide opportunities for both good and bad outcomes. Perhaps it’s like a magnifying glass revealing the human condition, our vulnerabilities and what matters to us most.


What does it all mean and how could it change us as a society? It could mean anything from working remotely instead of commuting to your workplace daily. While that has some huge advantages, particularly during lockdowns, it also presents challenges regarding company culture. It also means having information at your figure tips, some of which is credible and some, not so much. Tech can polarise society as we seek information that affirms our confirmation bias.


It could also mean something much more profound. We could be becoming less human. What is it that makes a human? What is it that we want from our lives? For those who don't like the direction we are taking as a global community, the good news is the future isn’t set in stone. It’s time to think creatively about your lifestyle. You decide where your life and values are headed!


If you want to take on new challenges and live life on your terms without giving up modern conveniences, you can make it happen.

Using Technology to Benefit Our Lives

It’s time to bend technology into submission, according to your will. If we use technology to support us, rather than being distracted by all the shiny technology around us, it can help us become a much better version of ourselves.


Technology has changed our lives in many ways; whether you feel those changes are for good or bad is a matter of opinion. For example, many of us are addicted to social media, looking for that next little dopamine hit when someone likes our latest post. On the flip side, social media allows us to feel a sense of connection, even during lockdowns when we are isolated from loved ones.


Technology has made us all more connected to people thousands of kilometres away yet less connected with the neighbour next door. The point is, there are no simple answers to these complex questions, and if you're honest with yourself, you can probably see the many ways in which technology has made your life better and worse, all at once.


Sometimes we use technology for good reasons. It can make us more productive at work, yet it has created expectations to increase productivity at the same time. Does that really benefit anyone?


What do you think?

Are we equipped as people to use technology in the best possible ways? Technology lets us do so much when used right, it only becomes a problem if we let it. As humans we’re always going to rely on the power of trust and relationships, no matter what we do in life.


For all these reasons, tech is indeed making us less human and superhuman all at the same time. We need the human ability of self-control, now more than ever. There's no question that there is more opportunity than ever before to change our lives positively by using technology as a tool; don't let yourself be controlled by it.Whether this means giving up some modern conveniences altogether or putting boundaries in place to ensure appropriate use, it’s a decision every individual must make.


If we decide to use our power of choice, it's safe to say that technology has enhanced our lives, even making us superhuman. We can invest in ourselves and control what we want from life, and modern technology makes this all possible.


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